Children’s Programs

  • Lil Cubs: 3-4 (early 5) Years old
  • Big Tigers: 5-6 (early 7) Years old
  • Children: 7-12 Years old

Our Lil’ Cubs, Big Tiger, and Children’s classes are structured to the abilities of the student. We understand that classes should be support the mental and physical developments of the students. By teaching AGE-SPECIFIC classes, we can teach our students in a more detailed manner.

Lil’ cubs and Big Tiger Classes place an emphasis on martial arts drills and fun to allow students to learn Discipline, Respect, Coordination, and Cooperation in an exciting and nurturing environment. Each class contains lessons on the importance of manners, respect, and how to deal with dangerous situations, i.e. getting lost, dealing with bullies, or being approached by strangers. Our Tigers program is a very positive and FUN activity that could truly benefit a child’s life at a young age.

Children’s Classes teach students a basic curriculum that emphasizes Discipline, Respect, and Self-Defense. The techniques taught in these classes will improve coordination and balance, increase flexibility and improve physical fitness. The skills taught both in martial arts and in life will help mold each child into a person who walks with their head held high. Additionally, we teach the importance of life skills— such as perseverance, good manners and avoiding dangerous situations.


  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Coordination
  • Fitness
  • Respect
  • Self-Defense
  • Balance
  • Focus


Teen and Adult Classes

Our Teen and Adult Classes feature a blend of practical martial arts and physical fitness that allow our students to become strong, relieve stress and improve their conditioning, all in a family-friendly environment. Our teen and adult students will learn a structured martial arts curriculum that has practical applications for everyday life. Focus, control, discipline, conditioning, and practical self- defense techniques are some of the benefits of our adult classes.